Special Meeting – Outcomes

Firstly, a HUGE thank you to everyone who came out last night to the Special Meeting of Electors.

The meeting was possibly the most interesting one we have had yet.

We had a great mix of residents. Lots of supporters for the Bindaring Park and it’s future and some residents from in and around the Hamilton Street site who aren’t keen for a development to take place next to them.

It was great to have a robust conversation about the Hamilton Street site and the proposed Hyland Street development. It’s as important as ever that residents are heard.

The motions that were passed were as follows:

LAND SWAP – Motion 1
That in order to preserve the integrity of Bindaring Park as expressed in TPS 4A, the Town of Bassendean offer a four unit site at 122 Hamilton Street in exchange for the owners current holding at 27L Hyland Street.

That the Town of Bassendean cause the permanent removal of the causeway currently dividing the wetland area of the Bindaring Parkland across the local open space between 27L Hyland Street and the road reserve.

That in the event of a successful land swap, the Town of Bassendean retain 27L Hyland Street as a site pending future development with access from Watson Street or be recoded as local open space to assist in increasing the Town’s local open space deficiency.

A fourth motion was put to the meeting that the owner of 27L Hyland Street be allowed to develop his property using the existing access to the site. This motion was defeated.

This is a win for the parkland as we have given Councillors the opportunity to vote directly on the matters which we have proposed.

It’s important that we now let each of them know how their community feels on this issues before the motions come up at Council and we will send out an email by the end of the week with all you need to know to do that.

Thanks again for your support and we look forward to convincing Councillors now of the merits of protecting the park.

Special Meeting set for 21 August

The Town of Bassendean has confirmed that our Special Meeting of Electors has been scheduled for 7.00pm, Tuesday 21 August in the Bassendean Seniors’ & Community Centre, 50 Old Perth Road, Bassendean, to discuss the future of the Bindaring Parkland.

Come along to the meeting and show your support for the Bindaring Vision.

Sign our online Petition

In the past few years there have been attempts to erode the public open space in Bindaring Park.

Recently a development application was made to Council which would place a permanent causeway over the wetland. This would forever divide the wetland itself in two, making it impossible to regenerate and care for this important open space.

Bindaring Vision is asking Bassendean residents to sign an online petition so that we can demonstrate public support for the space to get the Town of Bassendean thinking about what they can do for Bindaring Park.

It’s important that Council knows that a public open space which performs an accessible recreational and environmental purpose is something that residents of the Town of Bassendean embrace.

You can sign the petition here.

This wetland is a wildlife habitat, serving a vital function in times of heavy rainfall and flood and is enjoyed as a public open space for recreation.

Just last year we watched in delight as a pair of swans hatched their cygnets. You can see a video of the Swans at this link.