Public Meeting Update

It has taken some time to go through the information that was shared at the meeting, we are grateful for your patience while we did that.

It took longer than expected but we hope that it will all be worth it in the end!

Meeting Information

If you are interested in the information that was shared at the meeting, we have posted as much of the information as possible. You can find the meeting notes here, and copies of the presentations from Brad Brown and Paul Bridges.

Next Steps

It became clear at the meeting that there are particular things to work on in order to improve community involvement and support.

One is to engage with local indigenous people.

Next we need to take a step back and look at the science of what is happening in the Bindaring Parkland.

To that end, we have written to the Traditional Owners who communicated to the meeting via letter and asked them to meet us on the Bindaring Site.

We also propose to hold a meeting/workshop to discuss what base research we think needs to be done in the park with a view to writing a consultant’s brief and seeking funding.

Current issues

We have become aware that there is a development proposal pending which will again impact on the parkland. We are yet to find out if and when this matter will proceed to Council but given the level of public interest in the area, we will be urging the Council to have an open process which we may need your help with.

Stay tuned.

Staying in touch

In the meantime, don’t forget to Like the Bindaring Vision Facebook page or let your friends know that they can subscribe to our email updates by completing the form here.

Future updates

We are hoping to update our email listing at least fortnightly into the future, so look for us in your email inbox, we will try to be interesting, we promise.

Thanks again for your time, patience and passion for the Bindaring Parkland.

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