Council development proposal jeopardises Bindaring Vision

Recently the Bindaring Vision team learned that an application has been made for a three-unit development at 27L Hyland Street.
The application requires retaining the causeway through the public open space in front of 27L Hyland Street and would jeopardise the Bindaring Vision project by disrupting the natural water course permanently.
Bindaring Vision is aware that Town of Bassendean officers are intending to use delegated authority to approve this application. This means that our elected Councillors, and the community will not have any say on the matter.
Download and sign the Petition calling for a special meeting of electors. The petition needs 100 signatures to be considered.
Signing this petition means that Councillors and staff will have to hold a Special Meeting of Electors to discuss this matter and perhaps we can find a resolution together that will see the Bindaring Vision project continue.
The Bindaring Vision idea has community support because it will resolve finally the future of the open space. The Vision intends to protect the park from just this kind of incursion. A small piece here, a small piece there, soon there will be no quality open space left.
We need to present this petition at Tuesday’s Ordinary Council Meeting. Otherwise we will have to wait for a month for the next meeting.
Please sign and return to Kylie Turner, you can do that by popping it in the letterbox at 78C Hamilton Street, Bassendean or phoning 9379 8462 and we will arrange for someone to collect them.
Please also share the petition with anyone else who lives in the Town of Bassendean.
It would be great if you could attend the Ordinary Council Meeting tomorrow night – Tuesday 24 July at 7.00pm – and show your support.

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