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In the past few years there have been attempts to erode the public open space in Bindaring Park.

Recently a development application was made to Council which would place a permanent causeway over the wetland. This would forever divide the wetland itself in two, making it impossible to regenerate and care for this important open space.

Bindaring Vision is asking Bassendean residents to sign an online petition so that we can demonstrate public support for the space to get the Town of Bassendean thinking about what they can do for Bindaring Park.

It’s important that Council knows that a public open space which performs an accessible recreational and environmental purpose is something that residents of the Town of Bassendean embrace.

You can sign the petition here.

This wetland is a wildlife habitat, serving a vital function in times of heavy rainfall and flood and is enjoyed as a public open space for recreation.

Just last year we watched in delight as a pair of swans hatched their cygnets. You can see a video of the Swans at this link.


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