A future for Bindaring Park – what can you do?‏‏

In the past few years there have been attempts to erode the public open space in Bindaring Park and recently a development application was made which would maintain a permanent causeway over the wetland. This would forever divide the wetland itself in two making it impossible to maximise habitat.
Tonight – Tuesday 25 September 2012 – the Town of Bassendean will vote on whether or not to accept an Officer’s recommendation on the matter of 27L Hyland Street. The recommendation will come up in a report which is a response to the Special Meeting of Electors held on 21 August 2012.
Council Staff have written a report in support of Town Planning Scheme 4A and its aims while advising the owner of 27L that any solution will take at least 25 weeks and the owner says this is too long. Council staff has then recommended that Council notes that the owner of 27 Hyland Street, Bassendean is no longer interested in pursuing the land swap option with the Town of Bassendean.
As a community, we have invested over $1 million in this Scheme and many locals have paid a unit development contribution towards this Scheme.
Bassendean is a beautiful place to live. Our sense of community, beautiful open spaces and proximity to the river all combine to create a Town that is unique. We need to make sure we keep it that way.
Bindaring Vision is asking Bassendean residents to help remind the Town of Bassendean that there is public support for this important space, and to get the Town of Bassendean thinking about what they can do for Bindaring Park.
What can you do?
Write an email to your local Councillors asking them to honour our Town’s 30 year commitment to the Town Planning Scheme 4A, and to save the Bindaring Parkland space as an open recreation space for future generations. (make sure you cc: or bcc: us at info@bindaringvision.com)
Deputy Mayor Gerry Pule crpule@bassendean.wa.gov.au
Come along to the meeting TONIGHT to show your support for our iconic open space.  The Council Meeting is at 7.00pm at the Town of Bassendean Council Chambers.
Sign our online petition at www.thepetitionsite.com/603/524/739/a-future-for-bindaring-park and get your friends to do the same.
Share one of our Facebook posts to raise local awareness of the issue www.facebook.com/BindaringVision

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