Council considers rezoning proposal

At the September 2011 Town of Bassendean Council meeting, Councillors resolved to pursue the zone change from parks and recreation to residential for two blocks important to the proposed Bindaring Vision.

An extract of the Council Minutes follows:

COUNCIL RESOLUTION – ITEM 13.0(a) OCM2 – 25/09/11

MOVED Cr Collins, Seconded Cr Pule, that the meeting be closed to members of the public in accordance with Section 5.23(2)(e) of the Local Government Act 1995, the time being 8.32pm.


All members of the public were excluded from the Chamber, the time being 8.32pm.

13.1 Proposed Amendment No. 4 to Local Planning Scheme No. 10 – Rezoning Proposals Associated with Bindaring Park

Applicant: Town of Bassendean (Ref: LUAP/PLANNG/13 – Brian Reed, Manager Development Services)

This matter was considered with members of the public excluded from the Chamber at the request of Officers of the Department of Planning.

COUNCIL RESOLUTION – ITEM 13.1(A) OCM2 – 26/09/11 MOVED Cr Yates, Seconded Cr Benz, that a point 4 be included in the Officer Recommendation stating that Hesta Property Solutions be invited to discuss the proposal with the Town.



MOVED Cr Yates, Seconded Cr Benz that:

The Town of Bassendean advises the WA Planning Committee that Council considers that the rezoning of Lots 113 Harcourt Street and 130 Anstey Road should proceed for the following reasons:

  • Despite the proximity of Lots 113 Harcourt Street and 130 Anstey Road to the nearby conservation category wetland the lots are capable of being developed for residential purposes; If the amendment goes through, with the modifications suggested by Council, 1553m² will be transferred to the residential zone being those parts of lots Lot 113 Harcourt Street and Lot 130 Anstey Road reserved for recreation, and 726m² will be transferred to the recreation reserve being those portions of lots 202, and 203 Hyland Street, currently zoned for residential purposes. The net loss in open space will be 827m²; The land currently reserved for recreation by the Scheme amounts to 102,480m². (Town’s GIS system). The overall loss of open space will be in the order 0.806% of the total area of Bindaring Park and the loss of open space is considered by Council to be of no great significance, in terms of the overall area of the Park; The Council of the Town of Bassendean can not justify the costs of acquiring 1,553m² of open space at the edge of the park.
  • The Town of Bassendean requests to make a deputation to the Statutory Planning Committee of the WAPC when it considers the item;
  • If Council agrees with recommendation Point 2 above, the a further report be brought to Council following the October 2011 Council Elections nominating three Councillors to form Council’s deputation; and
  • Hesta Property Services be invited to discuss the proposal with the Town.

CARRIED 6/1 Crs Pule, Brinkworth, Yates, Collins, Lewis and Benz voted in favour of the motion. Cr Gangell voted against the motion.

View the full Council Minutes here

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