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  1. I have tried to access survey Monkey, however, it must have expired. Nevertheless, would like to make one comment regarding the proposed Bindaring Park design that concerns the potential for the realignment of the creek (and other significant earthworks) to expose acid sulphate soils and pollute the river. I suggest that expert advice is sought regarding the potential for the proposed design to disturb acid sulphate soils.

    The Swan River Trust recommends: “Proposed developments often require acid sulphate soils testing, and where appropriate management plans to prevent potential damage to the rivers or surrounding environment”.

    General information can be found on this link:

    Kind regards

    • Thanks for your comment, we have added it to the other comments made. We are just about to send out an email update to let locals know what we are up to and we address this issue, to sign up to the email updates, visit the ‘subscribe’ tab at the top of this page. Thanks again. BV Team

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